We Believe That a Good Pediatric Dental Care

At Orange County Pediatric Dental Group we believe that a good pediatric dental care is important in building the proper foundation for your child’s future oral health. We will make sure that your child’s first visit is relaxing, calm and beneficial. We will help you to prevent problems in the future and educate you and your child about good oral hygiene habits. Moreover, you will be able to learn more about the risks, causes, and prevention of common dental conditions.

We suggest scheduling your first child’s appointment by the age of 1 or when the first tooth erupts. We encourage parents to do so in order to fight tooth decay and establish good dental habits early on in the child’s life.

During the first visit, the dentist will make sure that the gums and teeth are cleaned and looked after properly. This first appointment can be very stressful for parents, especially for those who have dental fears and phobias. It is very important to send your child positive messages about their first dental visit and overall dental care so that the child feels excited and happy about visiting the pediatric dentist.

It is very important to maintain good dental and oral care from the very start. It would be  great to get into the routine of cleaning your baby’s gums right after they are born. Even though your child may not like having their gums cleaned, they will adapt to it after some time, in the same way that babies get used to taking baths and being cleaned. You can make tooth cleaning a fun experience so that the child grows to enjoy brushing their teeth as a daily routine habit.

Most Common Problems

During the first visit, your pediatric dentist will educate you about most common conditions that may affect your baby through their first year, it includes:

  • Teeth eruption
    Between 3-9 months of age, your baby’s teeth will start to erupt, making your child fussy and irritated. Your infant may experience appetite loss as well.
  • Bottle tooth decay
    It is the most major problem in infant dental care. It is created by sugary sweet liquids, which has frequent exposure through baby bottles. Tooth decay can cause serious damage if left untreated.
  • Pacifier
    Sucking a pacifier is a part of every child’s normal development. They are very comforting to the child throughout the first year. On the other hand, when the baby doesn’t need to suck on a pacifier any longer but does so for comfort or out of habit, irregularities in bite and tooth decay arise. Those problems are especially common for those who continue to have this habit after the baby’s teeth start to fall out.

How does it go?

A pediatric dentist is specially trained, so he understands children’s psychology. Such offices are generally colorful and with a very child-friendly environment with many toys, games, and tools, which are very educational. Orange County Pediatric Dental Group aims to make your child feel welcome and very comfortable during all visits.

Tips to Make the First Visit More Enjoyable

  1. Bring another adult for the visit
    Infants can become fussy during the visit, so another adult may distract the child and smooth the visit. Moreover, ask your dentist all types of questions and listen to his/her advice and recommendations.
  2. Other children at home
    Other children can make your child to fuss even more during their visit. Leaving the other children at home can make the first visit more smooth and less stressful.
  3. Non-threatening conversations
    Our staff is trained not to use threatening words like needles, injections, drills, and bleeding. We encourage positive speaking with our patients about the treatment and other things associated with dentistry.
  4. Positive explanations
    We aim to provide the dental visit as a positive experience. You need to explain to your child that this visit is going to better them and keep their teeth and mouth healthy. It is better than telling the child that dentist is looking for tooth decay and is going to possibly drill if he finds some.
  5. Explaining
    The child will be less anxious if he will know what to expect from the treatment. Moreover, books for children about dental visits would help a lot for the child to see this experience more fun.

First visit

Your child needs to get acquainted with the dentist and regular office visits. On the first visit the dentist will check teeth and jaw growth in order to check your child’s overall health. The next step is the evaluation of teeth and gums. After that, the dentist will answer all the questions that parents have and educate them about correct oral care regimen and habits. Moreover, he will inform you about bad habits, pacifiers, good diet, fluoride intake, development, teeth alignment issues, and baby bottle tooth caries.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s first dental visit or infant dentistry, please contact us at Orange County Pediatric Dental Group